Apr 10, 2012

Pretty Easter

Easter arrived, and I wanted to try these dyed eggs that I saw at one of the blogs I follow. Design Mom always has great ideas! I was pleased how easy it was and how pretty they were! This year I was in time with the Easter grass so it was the perfect length.

My son Joonatan, 3 years, had also made such a lovely Easter branch at daycare, I placed it on the dinner table.

Balcony is not yet too warm, since the temperature dropped to zero (and below during the night). This is, however, perfect temperature for some plants. Tulips last for weeks out in the balcony! Here are few pictures of my spring balcony.

Now I'm just hoping the weather will get a bit warmer soon so we can all enjoy the balcony, not just from the living-room window, but actually sit out there.

Mar 27, 2012

March full of color

March in Finland is usually a pretty colorless month. Whereas here in Sweden, at least in Stockholm, the shops are full of color and the people are adding more colors to their outfits as well. It's refreshing to see other than just black and grey in peoples clothing.

I took some photos while I was walking in the streets of Vasastan few weeks ago. Here are a few of them.

Lady in violet.

One of many flower shops.

And one from the church garden

Feb 16, 2012

Tulip season is here

I love tulips and I've been buying all different color tulips for the past 2 weeks. I have my tulips in the Alvar Aalto vase because I think it looks really beautiful there. These ones I got for Valentines day. Just after 2 days they are unfortunately looking allready a bit tired. The price of the tulips went from 40 Swedish kronor to 80 kr (for 10) on Feb 14!